Welcome to my forest

I'm Fabian Pineda, commonly known as Pine, PineVX or PinedaVX. I'm a 25 year old independant IT Consultant from Costa Rica who was heavily involved in RPG Maker a couple of years ago. Over that time I raised to be one of the most prominent figures in RPG Maker VX.

I retired in 2011 from all active participation in the Game making community, but given the amount of resources I created for everyone I maintain this small space for my material to remain available.

I recently became a bit itchy to go back to game making, but time is an issue, so who knows.

Now some boring legal stuff...


All of my material is entirely free to use so long as the project, game or otherwise is non profit. You can alter, and redistribute any of these so long as I remain credited as the original author (you can feel free to throw a link back here as well).

Commercial usage

I used to allow commercial usage of my material for cases where the game or project aimed at revenue, but I no longer allow this. Contact me if you think you can change my mind but my licensing fees and terms are now harder, given that I want my materials to remain available for everyone free of any sort of money involved.