Commercial Licensing

So you're making an RPG Maker game that you want to make available commercially? And that game includes or you want it to include characters made by me? I allow indiscriminated usage of my resources for non-commerical projects, but if you're looking to get permission on commercial use you can read further for my terms.

Payment and fees

I have two commercial licenses. One is for specific characters and one is a lifetime permission for commercial usage.

Specific Character sets

These can be licensed in batches of 5 characters. Anything under 5 characters will still cost the same. Licensing for 5 characters will cost $25 ($5 per character) and it will allow you an unlimited commercial license valid for as many projects as you want in the future, with the condition that it's for the same person or studio. No sub-licensing or middle man deals.

Lifetime Permission

This is as the name reads, an explicit permission to use ANYTHING I've ever produced and whatever new I put out for either VX/Ace or MV in the future. The same terms as previously mentioned apply. It's a commercial license for one person or studio. You can't second hand it over to someone else.

This unlimited license will cost $40

Payment and documentation

I will take payments via Paypal and respond within 24 hours it proper documents (a bill of sale, and written permission from myself in PDF format).

Reaching out to me

If you have further questions before doing a licensing payment, reach out to me on email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this will forward to my personal email address for faster response.