Summer is almost here! MV Stuff!

Sumer is right around the corner in the Tropic, where I live, sorry US folks! So in that spirit, I'm sharing some edits/pieces to create bathing suits for women. I'm also going to do some pieces for male characters and possibly a colorful beach ball, but this is what I have so far.

We have a two-piece bikini which is pretty much the actual underwear in the MV base, then a one-piece bikini, some spots to add to the two-piece one and some snazzy sunglasses, because a summer without sunglasses is inexcusable! Here are the mentioned pieces:

Now, here's what a sample with them would look like:



I'm making more pieces to go with the summer and beach theme, so look forward to them!

Did someone say Engineer? (New MV Chars)

You might remember that I've been doing male and female chars for modern professions and such. Like the chef and police officers. Now I'm bringing you this pretty cool design for an engineer/construction worker/electrician/whatever. You can see they have these cute yellow jumpsuits, gloves and even a hardhat (which was actually a pain in the rear, despite being based off the rtp soldier helmet).

As usual, I'm giving the design out in male and female because there's no reason for women to not be engineers, is there? I hope you like them! Feel free to scrap them, tear them apart and do your own character variations as well.


Aditionally, here's something I'm also working on. I thought I'd be finished with it by now, but being something that is 100% from scratch, I'm having issues with the coloring and movement. But soon it'll be in a quality that I'll consider post-worthy.



Yes, that's a turtle. Yes, i know it's pretty large. You should see the ones that come ashore where I live!

I am the law! (new MV Characters)

Been doing this dude as of late, based on a VX sprite I made a while ago as well. It's a police officer. Now, depending where you live in, it may or may not be similar to your law enforcement officials, but you get the idea. So I was done with him yesterday but then I decided that in the spirit of equality I'd make a female officer. I was actually surprised at how easy it turned out to make a female version of a male MV char.

Here you have them:



On a slightly unrelated note. I'm working in a basic, very basic skeleton template so you can make your own skeletal people in MV. Nothing too shabby, but hey. It's something. Here's how it's going so far:


Can you smell what Pine is cooking? (New MV Chars)

I've been busy lately but not enough to block me from doing some spritework for MV. I've been kinda trying to get a theme running and do stuff related to that theme, so in light of last week's Police Officers, today I bring you something much more impressive, and that is actual chef sprites!

Now, once again I'm all up for gender equality, so that'll also be a thing as long as I can keep it up. So here we have a male and a female chef!

It's time to bulk up those kitchens in your games! No Mansion can be complete without an actual top class cook!


I forgot to add. Unless I'm completely blind, the MV RTP is lacking a chicken. I hope it's an oversight and not something that they'll DLC-ninja your asses on later. In any case, I edited the rooster and made it look into a chicken, so I guess it suits this post as well, not because there is a chef....

Pine's FF characters are actually turned into art

Since a couple of days, Google Analytics has been giving me data that visitors are coming in here from DevianART. I've never been too familiar with DA other than the ocassional artist willing to create RM protraits and such, but this made me curious: who was sharing this site and why?

So I took it to delve into the data and found the specific reference link. Imagine my surprise when I found a crafter by the handle of Cimenord had done models of some of my FF chars in something called "perler beads". To many, this may not sound as much, but quite frankly, the fact that someone looked at something I made and thought "I will do a craft with this", makes me feel incredibly honored.

Here's the pic of the craft. Mine are all except Yuna, Lighting and Squall (which was originally done by my friend EMUAS).

You can visit the artist's DA page here: