Pine has gone CrAzY over IGMC

Hey, you! Yeah, you, fellow RMer! Are you partaking on IGMC 2015? I know I'm not, but are you? ARE YOU?

If the answer is yes, then I got great news for you! All my resources posted on this website will be allowed to be used in IGMC for free. You heard it right: for FREE! Why? Because I've gone mad!

Honestly, though. I've been shown a LOT of support over the years in RPG Maker, dating back to 2006 and I still think community is great and I really hope to help build it further and further.

I'll still maintain my stand that if you win, and the prize and situation allows you, I'd be very much thankful if you make a donation to my site, even for something as small as a month's worth of hosting ($15). Please note that this is me just plugging, you DO NOT have to pay for anything.

Anyways, bottom line. Feel free to use anything I've posted here on your IGMC 2015 entry. I'm sure it'll pretty up your game and chance to win!

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