A closer look on RPG Maker MV Resources (Part 2)

So, in part 1 I discussed some of the details regarding the shape of characters on MV. Now I'd like to address something more, let's say technical. See, I don't consider myself an artist, but there's been some debate on the colors used in MV Resources. Some say they are less saturated and some say they are less saturated, so what do I think? Let's have a look:

Here's VX RTP Ralph, the most beloved character around. And next to him is this dude from MV's (non)RTP. I'm highlighting two tones here: the orange of their hair and their skins.

You will notice straight away that the hair is similar. Almost too similar. In fact, MV in this case seems to have a much brighter overall orange tone. Even the edge-most color, the one you'd typically use for outlining is too close to the second to last tone in Ralph. Same goes for the skin. The skin tones in MV are much brighter-looking, closer to pink than any other skin tone.

So is this enough to say MV has a more saturated use of colors? Not really, no. Let's look at some other colors, this time green and red.

Here you will notice in a second that the tone of green used in this hair is much darker than VX's. In fact, it almost makes this tone of green look like a clown's hair (and maybe it is) because of just how bright it is. Now move along to the reds. The two reds are very close, but in the end MV's red comes across as a little less bright. Does this all mean MV is less saturated? Not at all.

What I'm seeing here is the decision to use different colors, but the saturation is not critical or noticeable enough to declare that VX/Ace color palette would look out of place or clash with MV's.

Next time we'll see walking animations!

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