First RPG Maker MV Char

Hello folks

What a crazy couple of weeks it have been! I've been toying around with MV since I got that Virtual Machine with a MV Preview, and I've been at work on getting new resources done for you guys. I was unable to finish publishing my series of preview into MV resources due to reasons I'll not discuss but that have been irritating.

Now that MV is "officially" out, I'm free to start showing you all what I've been doing. It's not much, but it's something.

Without further ado, let me show you my first ever full MV Char:

Is this familiar? Maybe you remember the bunny bartender/dancer from the RPG Maker XP RTP? I had done a VX version of her (and a fat version of that as well) so I'd thought it'd be only fair if she becomes the first character to fly into MV. Now, I see some issues with the overall pixel art, bear with me, I'm only getting used to this style and as it gets larger, the errors do become more noticeable (not that the non-RTP doesn't come with pretty noticeable spriting errors too). But overall, I feel very satisfied at how she came out.

Now, this isn't the only thing I'm sharing. Please also take a look at this:

As you can see, this is the outfit she's wearing so you can franken-dress your own chars as well! I realize that if you don't have a long haired character, it's missing some important parts of the back, but hopefully I'll do another of these dancers with the full back of the outfit.

Happy? Hope so! I certainly am!

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