Pine's FF characters are actually turned into art

Since a couple of days, Google Analytics has been giving me data that visitors are coming in here from DevianART. I've never been too familiar with DA other than the ocassional artist willing to create RM protraits and such, but this made me curious: who was sharing this site and why?

So I took it to delve into the data and found the specific reference link. Imagine my surprise when I found a crafter by the handle of Cimenord had done models of some of my FF chars in something called "perler beads". To many, this may not sound as much, but quite frankly, the fact that someone looked at something I made and thought "I will do a craft with this", makes me feel incredibly honored.

Here's the pic of the craft. Mine are all except Yuna, Lighting and Squall (which was originally done by my friend EMUAS).

You can visit the artist's DA page here:

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