Can you smell what Pine is cooking? (New MV Chars)

I've been busy lately but not enough to block me from doing some spritework for MV. I've been kinda trying to get a theme running and do stuff related to that theme, so in light of last week's Police Officers, today I bring you something much more impressive, and that is actual chef sprites!

Now, once again I'm all up for gender equality, so that'll also be a thing as long as I can keep it up. So here we have a male and a female chef!

It's time to bulk up those kitchens in your games! No Mansion can be complete without an actual top class cook!


I forgot to add. Unless I'm completely blind, the MV RTP is lacking a chicken. I hope it's an oversight and not something that they'll DLC-ninja your asses on later. In any case, I edited the rooster and made it look into a chicken, so I guess it suits this post as well, not because there is a chef....


+1 #2 Pine 2015-11-02 17:01
@noobie: Thanks for the nice comments, I miss the RMW boards too, but what's done is done. About the clothing, You can rip it and use it as long as you credit me for it, I don't mind. I'll try to keep pushing them out myself, but given how much tweaking I do in general, they may not be good for character generators.
+1 #1 noobiespriter 2015-11-02 16:58
Hi Pine! I love all your work and I am very happy that you are still doing charasets for the new rpg maker mv! I miss your posts on the rpg maker forums!

Is it possible to get the clothing so I can add it to generator myself?

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