Did someone say Engineer? (New MV Chars)

You might remember that I've been doing male and female chars for modern professions and such. Like the chef and police officers. Now I'm bringing you this pretty cool design for an engineer/construction worker/electrician/whatever. You can see they have these cute yellow jumpsuits, gloves and even a hardhat (which was actually a pain in the rear, despite being based off the rtp soldier helmet).

As usual, I'm giving the design out in male and female because there's no reason for women to not be engineers, is there? I hope you like them! Feel free to scrap them, tear them apart and do your own character variations as well.


Aditionally, here's something I'm also working on. I thought I'd be finished with it by now, but being something that is 100% from scratch, I'm having issues with the coloring and movement. But soon it'll be in a quality that I'll consider post-worthy.



Yes, that's a turtle. Yes, i know it's pretty large. You should see the ones that come ashore where I live!

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