Remembering the Fatties

Back in my last days before I took my break, I went through what I call my "Botero" phase.

For reference, Fernando Botero is a Colombian painter best known for his characterization and satirical use of large, mostly fat, human figures as means of critique and protest. Read about Botero in Wikipedia.

This Botero phase of mine (which I'm not sure I'm 100% over) produced a series of sprites I called "Pine's Fatties". They're mostly there for comic use and to provide variety to an otherwise fit RPG world. They're not my most popular characters, so I thought I'd look back on them and at the same time make them more known to the general audience.

It's not new stuff, this was in 2010 I think.

Overwhelming Return

I follow the numbers on this website close. Very close.

And yesterday after posting some of my new stuff (yeah, SOME of it, there's more on the way) I saw a heartwarming welcome. Over 200 hundred different visitors came into this website. The most read article was the one about the new characters obviously.

This really motivates me into keep it going. And because of this I'm eyeing two interesting short term tasks. One involves a certain group of people in certain website for a one time (for now) collaboration (if they accept it). The other is something less useful, but interesting for me on a personal level and it involves a small gallery of maps or scenes using my own characters.

I'm not sure I'll be posting WIPs in the following weeks, because I want to concentrate on the above mentioned tasks. But I will certainly post the lost characters I mentioned yesterday.

New Characters Released (June 2015)

Well, it took a lot less than I expected it to. So finally, I finished those WIPs I posted a few days ago (which actually had been WIPs since, what, a month ago?). Now they're fully usable character sheets and I can't be more excited and happier right now!

In addition to the trio of characters I had posted (White Mage, Time Mage and Rubicante) I'm adding a female version of the Red Mage I did some years ago since someone requested/asked/inquired about such a version in the RPG Maker Web board.

Anyways, enjoy them!

Odd things that happen

So I was looking for some material to edit and create a character (Barbariccia from FFIV, which is a request I saw on RMW). And while digging through a folder labeled "Archive" I ran into three characters from 2011 that were released in the now defunct VXNet. It seems these weren't widely spread and I can't seem to find them in character packs made by me on this site. I can't find them either in Grandma Deb's index of Resources made by me.

Long story short: I found 3 rare sheets by me from 2011 that I didn't even remember. I'll be posting them around in the next few days, or weeks. I don't know. Don't really want to draw attention away from the new sets. 

Getting back to work

As usual, life is pretty busy, but I'm managing to organize my time to include light RMing and spriting. An example of this is the new News section, where I'll talk sometimes about what's going on. This section will also be very important because it will also feature WIP for future character sets. I'm keeping an eye out on RMW's Projects section so maybe, maybe I'll be able to mention projects that are atracting my attention.

That's it for now. I'll put up some exciting WIPs later.