Clarification Regarding Terms of use and Reposting

Now that I'm starting to put out MV Material, and given the fact that I'm suspended from RM Web forums, someone was wondering about my policy regarding reposting and redistributing of material.

To this concerned person and to everyone else I say: There is no change in my policies. RM Web is still the only website that has my permission to redistribute my RPG Maker MV Resources (and VX and anything).

In that context, feel free to share edits, recolors and frankens so as long as I'm also credited and preferably linked back.

Even if RM Web doesn't want me at this time, I still consider them great friends.

First RPG Maker MV Char

Hello folks

What a crazy couple of weeks it have been! I've been toying around with MV since I got that Virtual Machine with a MV Preview, and I've been at work on getting new resources done for you guys. I was unable to finish publishing my series of preview into MV resources due to reasons I'll not discuss but that have been irritating.

Now that MV is "officially" out, I'm free to start showing you all what I've been doing. It's not much, but it's something.

Without further ado, let me show you my first ever full MV Char:

Is this familiar? Maybe you remember the bunny bartender/dancer from the RPG Maker XP RTP? I had done a VX version of her (and a fat version of that as well) so I'd thought it'd be only fair if she becomes the first character to fly into MV. Now, I see some issues with the overall pixel art, bear with me, I'm only getting used to this style and as it gets larger, the errors do become more noticeable (not that the non-RTP doesn't come with pretty noticeable spriting errors too). But overall, I feel very satisfied at how she came out.

Now, this isn't the only thing I'm sharing. Please also take a look at this:

As you can see, this is the outfit she's wearing so you can franken-dress your own chars as well! I realize that if you don't have a long haired character, it's missing some important parts of the back, but hopefully I'll do another of these dancers with the full back of the outfit.

Happy? Hope so! I certainly am!

A closer look on RPG Maker MV Resources (Part 1)

Hey you guys,

Based on the amount of visitors on the site, it's safe to assume you all are aware of my ban from the RPG Maker Web forums. Needless to say, this blown out of proportion infraction turned into vendetta* and hence, here you have me.
Anyways, I'll be showing you some of the progress I've made studying MV Resources, specifically charactersets, leading into the impending release of RMMV, which I will get my hands on, one way or another, to get you all fresh material.

*What I mean is that someone took this as a chance to get back at me for some reason, not that I'm pursuing personal vendetta on anyone.

1- Almost Unigender base/Pieces

While in VX/Ace we had two templates, one male and one female, mostly due to arms position being a sign of gender, in MV it seems we will only have one base and all gender-differentiation will come from the actual parts you choose to dress your character, mainly hair styles. Don't quote on this 100% though.
Let's take a look at this four fellas here:

If you follow the red line you will notice that the hands are all the same. They are on the same position, with the same inclination and the same thickness. You can't quite single out the shoulders because all these 4 chars are different and they wear shoulder pads (and a scarf). But if you look at the two melee fighter looking chars, their clothes are exactly the same, save for two pixels in the chest of the female. You can also notice that the male has bulkier shoulders.

There is a chance that the base is not one but two, but the differences are very subtle and thus pieces and reutilization of pixel parts is a very exciting part of spriting MV style, because even if the shoulders are different, it would only show in characters that specifically have their arms somehow exposed. Also, the green line shows that they're all the same height as well.

2- Additional arms?

Now, see these two other characters. One is (arguably) male and the other is a female. If you took this guy and compared to the actors above, you'll see his arms fit with the rest. Now, if you take this chick and compare them to the above, a subtle difference comes up.

If you notice the red line along the arms, the male has his arms leaning on his sides, while this specific style of female has her arms more arched and, let's say... open? So quite possibly this is a style of arms that was added in order to make dresses look better, as I've only found this practice in characters who wear dresses.

So, that's it for now. Not much, eh? Don't worry. More will come.



A closer look on RPG Maker MV Resources (Part 2)

So, in part 1 I discussed some of the details regarding the shape of characters on MV. Now I'd like to address something more, let's say technical. See, I don't consider myself an artist, but there's been some debate on the colors used in MV Resources. Some say they are less saturated and some say they are less saturated, so what do I think? Let's have a look:

Here's VX RTP Ralph, the most beloved character around. And next to him is this dude from MV's (non)RTP. I'm highlighting two tones here: the orange of their hair and their skins.

You will notice straight away that the hair is similar. Almost too similar. In fact, MV in this case seems to have a much brighter overall orange tone. Even the edge-most color, the one you'd typically use for outlining is too close to the second to last tone in Ralph. Same goes for the skin. The skin tones in MV are much brighter-looking, closer to pink than any other skin tone.

So is this enough to say MV has a more saturated use of colors? Not really, no. Let's look at some other colors, this time green and red.

Here you will notice in a second that the tone of green used in this hair is much darker than VX's. In fact, it almost makes this tone of green look like a clown's hair (and maybe it is) because of just how bright it is. Now move along to the reds. The two reds are very close, but in the end MV's red comes across as a little less bright. Does this all mean MV is less saturated? Not at all.

What I'm seeing here is the decision to use different colors, but the saturation is not critical or noticeable enough to declare that VX/Ace color palette would look out of place or clash with MV's.

Next time we'll see walking animations!

Pine Store (?)

Please help me decide!

Here's my new dilemma. I want to continue active in the RPG Maker scene. As most of you know, I don't really delve too much into the game making aspect of RPG Maker, but into resource making. With RPG Maker MV, the graphics previously known as the RTP are no longer available on outside sources but are a part of the actual engine. Whether this is good or bad idea, it certainly is a decision that puts me at a crossroads, as I will need to actually buy the engine to produce resources because I will need the templates and pieces, and I'll need to avoid future licensing problems. And this is a problem for me because, outside some sporadic donation and licensing, I don't actually make a profit on my resources other than enough to pay for the site's hosting.

So I've had this project in mind for a while now, of selling character set packs with specific themes and with commercial availability. My idea is to sell packs of 8 character sets WITH commercial availability in RPG Maker VX/Ace style. I will probably also do this for MV if I can get enough money through pack sells.

Before I move into this, however, I will need some feedback regarding prices, so if you can, please help me with this poll. It will be very helpful in determining prices, workload and time frame for me to work on.

Thanks in advance for all the supporters!