RPG Maker VX.Net

Hi, I would like to tell the story of the now defunct RPG Maker VX.Net and what happened to it as it went down and out for good. I've seen people asking what happened to this once spectacular place, and I feel that out of respect, things must be discussed and explained to the general public. So let's get to it, shall we?

The Pre-iEntry era

This place was awesome. It started back in 2007 I think. It was your regular website/forum, it grew exponentially and it prospered. This drew traffic, and in turn it also attracted attention. Traffic and pageviews are a good combination with ad placement, and so an internet company called iEntry bought the forum. It was a mere formality, as forum administration remained pretty much unchanged and in the hands of members.

Enter iEntry

Once the forums were bought, new ads were placed (sometimes even lame ass ones) and revenue went 100% to iEntry. Forum administration remained in the hands of the staff as usual, but as some ad placement went wrong as previously mentioned, and site outages became common place, a site admin by the handle of Scherzo made a beautiful flash banner defacing and calling out iEntry on their incompetence. This brought up the site's eventual fall.

Hostile takeover

Alternate subtitle: It's not personal, it's only business.

After this incident, iEntry staff seeked retribution against the site's administration, which at the time still remained separate from iEntry's staff. The staff lost much of its power to change many things, on a deep level. They also put in place many restrictions and reprimand on the forum's staff, and in the process caused a general sense of discomfort on pretty much everyone. Their reaction was not irrational, but it certainly was over the top and unnecesary.

Hit the Road, Jack.

Some time later, due to the general discomfort and events not entirely clear to me, the staff left in almost 100% to form the official RPG Maker forums (aka RPG Maker Web). This was highly beneficial and exciting and it dealt a crushing blow to VXNet. It was over, the site would never be the same without the people who helped shape it. It kept going, but it was never the same.

It's dead, Jim.

After a while, in 2014 iEntry felt it was the time to pull the plug in the old Pentium 4 in which they probably hosted VXNet and RRR (how else could you justify their incompetence). First it was RRR: the place was shot dead point blank without any explanation or warning. I don't really know or cared enough about RRR but it was very sudden. Then, about a week later, as I'm told, VXNet went down. They put up a message saying that it was undergoing repairs, which was obviously a lie, and some time later they put up a nice "RIP" message. How cool of them.

It's said that people sought explanations and received a response that the database got corrupted and the backups were dead. I don't buy this excuse, though. It's obvious that VXNet was no longer a profittable property so they just decided to shut it down. If they in fact had a DB failure and backup failure, then wow. What a shitty internet company.

And so it went down. As quietly as possible, with as much as a mention here and there. Not a goodbye card, not a "So long, and thanks for all the fish". What was once the largest and best RM site around, gone.

And that's pretty much what happened. But if you ask me, it was a shell of itself and the place where you all should be in is called RPG Maker Web. So go over there, grab a beer and have a drink on me.